About Me

20120518 033 About Me

I’m a photographer from Aberdeen, Scotland.

My career has had a few twists and turns; I’m largely self-taught, having spent my days at art school playing around with old cameras and shooting almost exclusively on film, before moving on to a Fujifilm S5 Pro DSLR not long after graduating. I became more interested in professional photography and began taking pictures of food for local cafes. I quit my day job, established a reputation as one of the best nightlife photographers in Aberdeen, moved successfully into wedding & events photography, and worked part-time at a family portrait studio. Then in August 2012 I had to give it all up for a new full-time job.

Since then I’ve had the time to rediscover film and pursue the kinds of creative projects I never had time for when I was busy chasing clients. My main creative tools are a Pentax 6×7, Fujifilm X100s, Olympus Pen F and Nikon D800.

Please note that I have been unable to take on any further wedding bookings since 2012. Please accept my apologies for any disappointment this may cause.